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February 3, 2016 - Evacuation Information:

At approximately 7:35 am this morning, the fire alarm sounded, and the building was evacuated.  The Findlay Fire Department reported to the building, as did, Findlay City School Director of Operations and Findlay City School Maintenance Supervisor.  The Findlay Fire Department found no evidence of fire or smoke.   FCS Director of Operations and FCS Maintenance Supervisor have assessed the mechanical operations of the building and have determined that the alarm went off due to a faulty duct detector and the mechanical equipment is operating as designed.


Earlier this morning an odor was identified and maintenance was notified during the alarm. It was determined the alarm and the odor were from different origins and not related. The odor seems to be caused by a switch from heating to cooling as we have had abnormally warm temperatures this year. Again, Facilities reviewed the mechanical and fire alarm equipment and found that no parts of the system are compromised and are operating as designed.


Glenwood Middle School Mission

The mission of Glenwood Middle School, as an inclusive educational community is to ensure that each student experiences opportunities, which inspire learning, develop responsibility, and build self-worth, in order to be a productive contributing member of society. This is accomplished through the cooperative investments of active families, dedicated staff, and a caring community.

Mr. David Alvarado
Ms. Rosemary Rooker
Assistant Principal

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Begin at 7:30 a.m.
Dismissal at 2:30 p.m.



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Report Card

Counselors' Corner:

The school year is well under way and our students have settled in nicely.

We have two counselors' and they work with your students by last name, as follows:

Mrs. Little, A - M 419-429-3746,

Mrs. Hunt, N - Z 419-429-3747,

Throughout the year we post important dates and informational pieces on a variety of topics on our Counselor's website: Please check it out!